It’s hard to move on, but harder to not.


I am trying to be understanding… I am trying to accept everything in the midst of how they are… I really am, but I can’t… there’s something blocking me from doing that.

Do you know how that feels? To know and will for yourself to move on… to actually make a few steps forward but your heart just seems to pull you back… as if to block you from moving on.

Whether it’s a glance at a picture, a song that comes on the radio or even the way you carry yourself around, it all brings you back to that ONE person… that person who has now seemed to block you out.

This person, that you loved and cared for now seems to be the main source of confusion, hurt and anger for you. You love and care for them but yet they can’t even see what they’re doing to you by blocking you off.

You are falling apart at the very moment and there’s no way for you to tell them, to let them know… because you are blocked.

Now think to yourself, you can either make good from this or continue to crush yourself through your very own thoughts. It is now YOUR turn to block.

It is understandable that you feel pain, understandable that you question your sanity and have a hard time accepting what that person has done to you, but it is time to defy the odds and pick yourself up. Block those negative vibes and thoughts, be strong.

You need to realize that although you were happy with that person, do not let that take away from realizing that before that person, you were capable of making yourself happy… you are happy on your own; although happiER with that individual, you are still capable of being happy on your OWN.

Be strong enough to block out the negatives and accept the positives, you are strong so BLOCK AWAY.

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