I have time to set my priorities and get to know myself again.


This break was initially for you.. you said it’s best for us and I did not see it that way until now. I can see how it is for us… I was wrong.

I needed this break too, more than I thought. I have lost my independent touch and this break is allowing me to regain that, it’s allowing me to find my zen per say.

I used to be so chill and laid back but in this relationship, when things happened idk, I sort of last my cool at times and was becoming someone I did not like at all.

With this break, I’m finding myself again, and it’s amazing; being able to realize that I can still find myself. If we get back together, I think this break would make us stronger than ever.

From my perspective, I see us working out. We just need time and space once in a while. Space is not bad, it does not mean things will end, it just means time for yourself… since when did i stop liking time for myself?!

It may be hard not talking to him, but now I have time to set my priorities and get to know myself again. I feel as though so many people miss out on that when they get into a relationship. They’re so focused on making their spouse happy that they lose themselves in the process, it shouldn’t be like that. Through respecting each others boundaries and giving space when needed, you can get your happily ever after; with or without the guy!

Love yourself.

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